COA pushes for Cycling Education in the Schools

In mid-March, Cycle Ontario made a submission to the Ministry of Education pushing for cycling education as part of the school curriculum, in order to ensure that all children are able to ride their bikes safely and well.

The Ministry is now reviewing its Health and PhysicalEducation Curriculum Policy, which only happens every 5-7 years. What is taught in schools in this subject area is largely determined by the content of this document.

The Ministry asked the Educational Alliance for a Sustainable Ontario (EASO) to coordinate the submissions on possible changes or additions to the curriculum, and Stan Kozak of EASO invited COA to participate. We were asked to make recommendations on possible changes, but, even more importantly, show examples of where this has been done elsewhere and research studies recommending it.

Despite only having a few weeks to prepare this, COA sent in a five-page submission, with 16 references to supporting research and experience.