Ontario Bicycling Route

What is the Ontario Bicycling Route – OBR ?

The Ontario Bicycling Route  (OBR) is a vision to implement an on-road cycling network across Ontario that will connect all regions, many municipalities and key points of interest.

This inter-regional cycling network of provincially and regionally important links will fill an existing gap needed for cycling routes between regions and extending to all provincial and international borders. It will encourage cycling connections at the local level and serve as a focus for route preservation and improvement, with benefits to safety, economic development (i.e. tourism, cycle engineering, construction and retail industries) the environment and community health. This on-road network would interconnect with off-road trails, offering alternatives and a more comprehensive system for cycling in the province. 

While all roads should be cycling roads, some roads deserve particular attention for their provincial and regional importance to cyclists. The goal is to these have routes of provincial importance designated as part of the OBR. These routes would then be the focus of advocacy for preservation and improvement (paved shoulders, for example) over the coming years. These routes would also be signed as a way of promoting cyclo-tourism, local awareness, and respect from motorists.

If other projects of this nature, such as the Trans-Canada Trail, are any indication, the result of designating a route is to create momentum for local links. We believe the same phenomenon will develop here.