Ontario Bike Plan

The Ontario Bike Plan project (OBP) is a cycling master plan for Ontario focusing on the development and implementation of the Ontario Bicycling Route for use by residents and visitors in Ontario.

The OBP is based on the idea of municipal cycling plans, but to be applicable for all of Ontario.  It encourages municipal and other stakeholder participation in cycling, since it provides a plan for Ontario to follow to promote cycling and municipalities are familiar with these plans.  Many municipalities have already prepared analogous plans for their own jurisdictions.

COA will use the plan to encourage participation in cycling in Ontario for both recreation and transportation.

The OBP also includes proposals to further cycling education and marketing activities to promote cycling. 

COA partnered with the Ministry of Health Promotion, Mountain Equipment Co-op,  the Toronto Bicycle Network, North York Cycling Committee, Sault Ste. Marie – Velorution and the Niagara Freewheelers to make this important project happen. The plan was produced by Vandermark Consulting and Stantec Limited.