COA Project Team Information and Invitation for Participation

Listed below are the major new projects approved by the Board on November 18. The addendum gives a draft list of action steps for each project, to give you a better idea of the work each team will be doing. These action plans are subject to change by the teams once they start work. It is a long document, so you may want to read the detail on only those projects of most interest to you.

For each project we picture a core work group of three or four people, preferably within easy traveling distance of each other to facilitate meetings. That core group will then seek input from a wide resource group in the research phase of the project. Implementation planning and actual implementation for most projects will again involve many COA members and external allies.

First steps for each team will be to draw up a work plan, a timetable, and a list of resource requirements. These will be communicated to the Board for coordination with other activities and for resource allocation. 

We are looking to create eight teams 

1) Bikeway Design and Signage Standards Team

2) Theft Prevention Team

3) Why Cycle Promotion Team

4) Membership Promotion Team

5) Bicycle Use Municipal Plans Advocacy Team

6) Destination Facilities Team

7) Cycle Skills Team

8) Bike Friendly Community Awards Team

Does that sound like fun? Spend interesting time with other good people who share your interests, and accomplish something for cycling in Ontario.

An ambitious plan? Yes.

Do-able? We think so.

Your participation is needed and welcome.