Why Join Cycle Ontario

Why Join Cycle Ontario?

You belong in the COA if you like bicycles and you support the real benefits offered by the cycling side of life.

Here is a list of the benefits I recite to students who want cycling skills training for the challenges on and off road.

We bike for fun, for our personal and environmental health. We bike for reliable transportation and for a living.

Here’s the list again:
Exercise and fitness
Transportation, to work, to school, to the store….
Livelihood through business, competition, profession
Environment and Personal Health

Fun, the best for last.
Fun -while laughing at those stuck in traffic jams, Fun -during group rides, adventuring on multi-day cycle tours and Fun -saving money on fossil fuels that help Global Warming.

Cycle Ontario wants to have more and better cycling in Ontario and if you can support that then you will have FUN joining us.

You will hear the nay-sayers in the media who warn about bike theft, safe bike parking and roads. But COA can show that when cyclists come together, then security and safety improve.

The more people ride, the better things become in the community including its economy. When you join COA you can your improve your own economy too.

Just check out the member benefit page to see big discounts on sporting apparel and foot ware. Buy a pair of running shoes and save more than the $20 cost of membership. Buy a jacket and save up to five years of membership fees!

As a longtime member, I invite you to join me living the cycling side of life at Cycle Ontario!