Why Ride?

Why Ride a Bike?

to Work?

to School?

for Light Shopping?

for an Active Vacation?

to Visit Friends Across Town?

to go to the Ball Game, the Theatre, the Beach?

for a few hours Exercise on Evenings and Weekends?

Commuting to Work and to School sets you and your children up for a productive day. Your bodies’ faculties come alive on the ride much more than they would on sedentary transportation. The ride gives you closer exposure to the worlds around you: the trees, hedges and flowers; the streams, ponds and lakes; as they change through the seasons. You get to socialize with other commuting cyclists, pedestrians, and people in the neighborhoods you ride through. You have time to notice the architecture and streetscapes of your community. And the ride home is a great way to decompress! 

Making the quick trip to the local convenience store is highly do-able on a bike. All you or your children will usually need is a handlebar bag. If you often need a number of items, consider fitting rear panniers (saddle bags) on the family bikes. You’ll all feel like riders for the Pony Express. For even more extensive shopping, have a look at the great bike trailers now available. 

Active vacations in the form of multi-day cycling tours are readily available and easily arranged. You might want to start with a supported group tour with B&B or Inn accommodations offered by commercial operators. These can be great couple’s get-aways with luxurious accommodation and gourmet food, or more budget-conscious but still charming rooms and interesting food. Some singles, couples and families branch out into cycle-camping trips and/or multi-activity tours incorporating river rafting, hiking, sea kayaking, rock climbing, whale watching, fly fishing – you name it and the activity is offered somewhere. Themed cycle tours are available offering spa experiences, gourmet cooking classes, wine tours, garden tours, history lectures, bird watching – whatever your interest, you can indulge it from a bike. Biking through a new area you don’t just see it (you can do that on TV) you experience it!

Going to a house party, ball game, the theatre, the beach? Going and returning by bike adds another enjoyable and healthy dimension to any social activity. 

Once you’ve got the habit, a few hours tooling around the local neighborhood, park, or community is a relaxing and health-giving pastime.